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Ducks of Providence: All Things Duck

Howdy, duck friends! Welcome to our blog, which was created to be a passionate guide to duck education. Our aim is to share the love and knowledge of duck keeping.

group of ducks
Our small backyard flock

I am Melanie, your guide on this quacky journey into the world of pet ducks. As a passionate duck mom of seven quacks – Emma, Hertha, Schnatterinchen, Penny, Simon, Ronja, and Krümel – I’m thrilled to share my wealth of experience and insights on duck care through this informative blog.

Join us in unraveling the know-how of pet duck keeping, caring, exploring breeds, indulging in heartwarming tales, and finding the best recommendations for your feathered companions.

Let the quacking adventure begin!

Discover, Learn, and Enjoy

We’re here to share our knowledge of caring for ducks as pets. Our information comes from extensive hands-on experience, making this the perfect place for both experienced duck parents and those considering having these lovely creatures as companions. Dive in and discover all things duck-related!

Keeping Ducks

Explore the ins and outs of creating a happy and healthy home for your ducks. From setting up the perfect duck haven to understanding their unique needs, we’ve got you covered.

Duck Care

Explore duck wellness with practical tips and expert advice. Whether you’re an experienced duck parent or just starting, find comprehensive guidance on keeping your ducks happy and healthy.

Duck Breeds

Uncover the fascinating variety of duck breeds. Learn about the characteristics and quirks that make each breed special, from the familiar to the exotic.

Ancona Duck

Duck Tales

Learn from our experiences with Emma, Hertha, Schnatterinchen, Penny, Simon, Ronja, and Krümel. Explore real-life case studies detailing duck-related challenges from our backyard flock and discover the strategies we employed to resolve them.


Discover carefully curated recommendations for duck-related products, from housing essentials to treats that will have your ducks quacking with joy.

Join the Flock

Whether you’re an experienced duck parent or considering these waddling companions for the first time, Ducks of Providence is your go-to hub. It’s not just about information; it’s about building a community fueled by a shared love for ducks.

We would love to hear from you! Do you have ducks yourself? If yes, how many do you have? What are their breeds and names?

We are also happy to hear from you if you have any questions, topic requests, or other suggestions. Your feedback is important to us.❤️

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We also have a YouTube channel where we post videos about duck care and tips for duck owners. Besides that, we have an Instagram account where we share the adventures of our ducks every day.

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