IntroDUCKtions – Meet Simon the Gorgeous Drake

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My Name

My Name is Simon, and I was named by my foster mom while I was still a little duckling. Later, as I grew, they thought I would be a girl, so my new parents renamed me Simone. But a few weeks later, as I became more mature, they discovered that I was a boy after all, and they renamed me again – back to Simon.

My Breed

I am a Cayuga duck. As you can see, I am entirely black. However, looking closely, you can see that my feathers have some slight coloration. Depending on the angle of light and whether I am wet or dry, my feathers are more green, blue, or even purple. My feet and bill are dark too. No cheese feet like Emma or Schnatterinchen 🙂

Cayuga duck
Simon our Cayuga Duck

My Journey

My journey began sometime in February of 2022. Penny and I were abandoned to die as babies. We were found scared and alone, dumped at a Dallas park at the age of about three weeks old. Luckily, some very kind humans found us as we ran out of the bushes toward them. They brought us to the Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, which is a 501c3 nonprofit wildlife rescue organization in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex specializing in the rescue and rehabilitation of injured, sick, and orphaned birds of all types. We were traumatized and had been mistreated by whatever humans owned us previously. Christin, who works with the rescue and runs the Duckling Hotel, took care of us for a couple of weeks. She is specialized in duckling care and rehabilitation of traumatized birds.

Photo credit: Duckling Hotel

After we were ready, we were adopted by our new parents. That was on April 15, 2022.

Simon with Penny

That was quite an adventure. We met Hertha, Emma, and Schnatterinchen. Everyone liked me from the beginning, but they were not so nice to Penny. Emma was quite a bully, and Hertha was distant and cold toward her. It seemed like Schnatterinchen had a crush on me. She was always following me and was by my side. For the first few days, we slept inside the house with our new parents and got some playtime with the others. Then, we got our own area inside the coop that was separated from the rest with a small fence. That way, we could see each other without any fights between Penny and the other girls. I was very protective of my little girl Penny. We are still best friends.

Temporary Coop Separation

What is my character like?

I am the only drake and now have six girls surrounding me. I am very protective of all my girls and always watch after them. I also mate with all of them. Don’t judge me, I am a boy at his best age. But Hertha is my favorite girl. When she was broody, I was always looking after her and spending time with her inside the coop to make sure she was doing fine.

Simon and the girls

I am not the biggest fan of cuddles. I don’t like it when mom or dad picks me up. After they release me, I go and take a bath immediately to wash off that human smell 🙂

Duck Merch

What is my favorite food?

I love blueberries! But I am also a big fan of lettuce, peas, cucumber, and corn. Grubblies are fine, but the girls like them more than I do.

Simon a Cayuga duck
Gorgeous boy

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