Elevate Your Flock’s Health with GrubTerra Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae!

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Last updated on May 10th, 2024 at 07:34 pm

I am delighted to introduce you to the nutritional marvel that GrubTerra Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae is. It is an absolute game-changer for the well-being of our beloved feathered companions.

GrubTerra Black Soldier Fly Larvae
GrubTerra Black Soldier Fly Larvae
  • Sustainably Raised: GrubTerra takes pride in sourcing all its larvae from sustainable sources in Canada, the United States, Costa Rica, and South Africa—never from China! These larvae are raised off of food waste that would have ended up in landfills, with every pound of grubs purchased diverting a remarkable 20 pounds of waste from these sites.
  • Nutritious Diet: GrubTerras black soldier fly larvae are raised on a nutritious diet of vegetables, fruits, and carbohydrates, ensuring they provide a healthy, balanced diet to your ducks.
  • Stronger Eggshells: With a staggering 75 times more calcium than mealworms, GrubTerra grubs are your go-to solution for ensuring your flock lays strong and consistent eggs.
  • Healthier Feather Production: GrubTerra’s Grubs not only promote stronger eggshells but also help hens increase their energy levels and egg production. They are an excellent supplement during the molting season and the cold winter months, ensuring your ducks maintain healthy feathers year-round.
  • No Preservatives, 100% Natural: Say goodbye to additives and preservatives! GrubTerra Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae are 100% natural, making them an ideal choice for ducks, turkeys, and other fowl, as well as wild birds and fish.
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GrubTerra Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae offer a healthy alternative to dried mealworms. With 75 times more calcium and the perfect calcium-to-phosphorus balance, they are tailor-made for chickens, turkeys, ducks, and pet birds. Additionally, the antimicrobial benefits of Black Soldier Fly larvae contribute to stronger eggshells, healthier feathers, and enhanced sickness resistance in birds.

Join the movement towards healthier, happier ducks with GrubTerra Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae—nothing but the best will do for our feathered friends!

Don’t forget, we’ve got an exclusive offer just for our duck-loving community – enjoy a fantastic discount of over 10% off your purchase using the code “Providence10” at checkout!

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Melanie (Duck Mom)
Melanie (Duck Mom)

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